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James Earle, Ph.D. offers over 30 years of polygraph experience having conducted all classifications of polygraph testing including post conviction sex offender testing, attorney, criminal defense, civil, espionage examinations and personal relationship examinations. Dr. Earle has conducted over 10,500 examinations throughout the United States and neighboring countries - including Canada, Mexico, and Central America. Dr. Earle is a full operating level Polygraph Examiner for both adult and juveniles with the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board. Dr. Earle is a qualified Polygraph Expert Witness in federal, state and local jurisdictions. James Earle has held positions with The Federal Bureau of Investigation as a Special Agent and Chief Polygraph Examiner from 1965 through 1989. Upon retiring from the FBI in 1989, Dr. Earle established the private practice of JHE Consultant Group, Inc. JHE Polygraph is a full service polygraph firm with the home office located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Dr. Earle travels to meet with clients within the United States and internationally. The lie detection instrument, at the highly experienced hands of Dr. Earle, will verify the truth of an individual's statements.

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James H. Earle, Ph.D.


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