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  • Chairman of the Post Conviction Sex Offender Treatment Committee of the American Polygraph Association that created and implemented the American Polygraph Association standards for polygraph examiners conducting PCSOT examination

  • Dr. Earle was the polygraph advisor for the research project at Hamot Medical Research Center. The research was evaluating effectiveness of Leuprolid Acetate in suppressing pedophilic sexual urges and arousability involving convicted pedophiles. 1996 - 2005

  • Dr. Earle participated in the research on incest offenders at The Family Center, for analysis of pre-polygraph admissions and post polygraph admissions from 1994 - 1996

  • Dr. Earle served as a Board Member of the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board that developed sex offender standards for the treatment team including therapists and polygraph examiners

  • Dr. Earle served as a member of the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board: polygraph sub-committee in revising the polygraph standards for the Standards and Guidelines of the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board, Division of Criminal Justice. 2004 -2005

  • Publications:

  • Leuprolide Acetate Suppresses Pedophilic Urges and Arousability, co-authored in Archives of Sexual Behavior Vol. 34 #6, Dec. 2005 pgs. 691-705

  • Can Pedophilic Behavior Be Successfully Treated? A Comparison of Standard Psychotherapy vs. Leuprolide Acetate with Standard Therapy for Suppression of Aberrant Sexual Arousal, co- authored Publication date: The British Journal of Urology Dec. 2005
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