Education and Employment Background

Dr. Earle Received his Master Degree from the Inter-American University and his Doctorate in Criminal Justice and Public Administration from the University of Colorado. He also studied under Dr. Carl Hollander at the Hollander Institute of Psychodrama and received his certification in Psychodrama in 1996.

Dr. Earle served in the U.S. Navy as a Lieutenant Senior Grade. He was a Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, now retired and currently is chief examiner and owner of the JHE Consultant Group, polygraph examiners.

Dr. Earle has conducted all classifications of polygraph examinations including post conviction sex offender testing, attorney, criminal, civil and espionage examinations. He has conducted over 10,500 polygraph examinations. Dr. Earle has been a qualified Polygraph Expert Witness in federal, state and local jurisdictions

Investigative Experience is vast during his career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Special Agent and as the FBI's Chief Polygraph Examiner for the Western Region from 1980 -1989. As a private polygraph examiner for the past 21 years he has had numerous clients use his expertise with polygraph to verify the truth.

Forensic Science Training during his career with the FBI included becoming a crime scene specialist, a psychological profiler, an interview and interrogation specialist and a polygraph examiner.

Dr. Earle received his Formal Polygraph Examiner Training at the U.S. Department of Defense Polygraph Institute, Ft. McClellan, AL. The initial training and certification has been continually updated through annual in-service training with the FBI, followed by Annual seminars with the American Polygraph Association.

Annually Dr. Earle has continued the specialized training for Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing at conferences held throughout the United States.

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